Shinkendo Honbu Dojo

Obata Toshishiro Kaiso is the founder, director and chief instructor of the International Shinkendo Federation based in Los Angeles , California.

Kokusai Toyama Ryu Renmei

Licensed with the positions and responsibilities of Beikoku Honbucho for Toyama ryu, Nakamura ryu and Battodo, Obata Toshishiro Honbucho continues these efforts under the International Toyama Ryu Federation.

Aikido & Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai

Founded by Obata Toshishiro SoShihan the Applied Aiki-Based Martial Systems Research Organization endeavors to accurately rebuild concepts and techniques from the older styles of aikibujutsu used during the feudal times of Japan, as well to study and continue to develop the “softer” styles of modern aikido.

Yamakaze Dojo

A dojo located in Decatur,IL dedicated teaching both Shinkendo and Nihon Daito-ryu Aikibudo.

Sojokan Dojo

A dojo located in the Chicago area dedicated to teaching Shinkendo. Started by former Iwanami Dojo instructor Trevis Crane Sensei.

Iwanami Dojo

A dojo located in Urbana, IL dedicated to teaching Shinkendo under the advisement of David Fazio Sensei.