Our Dojo

The Kaigetsu Dojo is located in the Carbondale area and is dedicated to teaching Shinkendo, an authentic Japanese Swordsmanship. We are a licensed branch dojo operating under the guidelines set forth by theĀ International Shinkendo Federation, established in 1994 by founderĀ Toshishiro Obata.

The Meaning of Kaigetsu

The literal translation of kaigetsu is ocean moon. The meaning is intended to represent the vast body of knowledge within the Shinkendo curriculum while the moon is that goal towards which one strives. There is another aspect to the name kaigetsu. The moon reflecting off the water creates what resembles a silver path.This path is that which the student endeavors to improve him or herself through the training of a traditional bujutsu martial art, such as Shinkendo.